Wireless Computer and IT Service & Sales

Farm Wifi, Motels and Businesses, Home Wifi and BackPackers.

Wireless Networking Gear supplied and installed.

Rugged Tablet Computers taupo Business or Rural WiFi is a thing that takes a bit of investigation and often some deposit on the gear up front.

We will probably go through a planning project initially to see what is required. The project documentation will belong to you and it would cost about $100 plus any travel. Qualified IT has considerable experience with WiFi and Radio Frequency Equipment, Signal Distances, Antennae and Attentuation.

Some of the questions to think about are: Do I want to charge for the access?
Do I want to have more than one Access Point appear on the devices?
Do I want the access limited to certain times?
Do I want to have a hundred users connected at once?
If it breaks down, will I be very upset?
Have I outdoor needs for WiFi?
Is my site more than 100 Metres across?

The answers to these questions will determine a great deal of the price.

Some of the things that might be needed for a Rural WiFi setup include:
Routers, Buried Network Cabling, Power Over Ethernet Switches (PoE), Access Points (AP's) , Antennae and Power Amplifiers, Poles for Mounting the Antennae, a Software Service for Accounting the access times, Waterproof Router Enclosures.