Computer Network and IT Troublshooting

WAN / LAN Setups fixed, built, evaluated. VPNs, site to site, PC to PC or Remote Access Servers sorted.
Qualified IT has tertiary qualifications in Routing, Networks and Server environments. While this doesn't mean we know everything, at least it's better than nothing...

Routing and Networking Support Taupo and Waikato We have current Routing experience on Cisco products, Mikrotik Routers, TPLink ethernet cable and Wireless products and Huawei Internet routers.

Routing Config Support Taupo and Waikato Some of the Routing services we have helped with recently include:
Site To Site VPNS linking local area networks of branches to a head office.
Solutions to ongoing DDOS attacks.
Project Management and delivery of Integrated Phone \ LAN \ Mobile Database Access.
Complex Server Environments and DNS with respect to Local Services and WAN Accessible Services.
SSL Certificate Purchase and Install for Domain Servers, relating to Email and Database Websites.
Solution to multiple conflicting database application needs with a single LAN.

Ethernet DNS DHCP and Routing Support Taupo and Waikato So, if you've got some random, quirky IT issues that just can't be nailed down?

Tech's run a mile when they try and fix it?

Nobody will touch it?

Bring it on...

Weird DHCP issues?
IP Address Violations?
Can't Ping your Router or server?

Qualified IT specialise in the impossible....IT solutions.
We have a proven track record of solving those incredibly hard IT questions, mostly through common sense and thorough training, but also through the use of proper procedures and IT standards. Routing Support Taupo and Waikato