Tough Laptop Sales

Panasonic Toughbook, Twinhead Durabook and Toshiba.

Rugged Tablet Computers taupo Truly Tough Laptops aren't cheap and quality product comes down to a quality supplier.
Qualified IT have a lot of experience with Tough and rugged Laptops, meaning you are talking to people who know their subject.
The Panasonic Range is currently the best Tough Option for Military Spec Laptops, with Twinhead being in second place. There are an enormous amount of features available which means you need someone to guide you through the process: otherwise it's easy to end up with something that does everything except what you need.

Hot Swappable batteries,
Quad-Core CPU,
Medical Spec,
Outdoor Screens and
GPS are just a few of the amazing things these Tough Laptops can do.
Then there are Waterproof options, Water Resistant options and Shock proof models.

The IO, or Input Output options are always important to have sorted clearly: You may need a Serial Port or you may not, but it's important to know. Then there are USB ports: do you need USB 2.0 or USB 3.0? These are the details that can really spoil the show later on. Call us for a discussion about your Tough Mobile computing needs.
Some Toughbook Models available:
FZ-E1 Handheld Windows
FZ-X1 Handheld Android. This has the operating Sytem common in Mobile Phones.
Toughpad 10.1" Tablet
FZ-A2 MK1 Android 4G. This model has very high speed Mobile Phone Cell access
FZ-A2 MK1 Android Wifi
FZ-G1 MK4 Wifi
FZ-G1 MK4 4G
FZ-G1 MK4 4G + GPS
Toughpad 7" Tablet
FZ-B2 MK2 Android Wifi. this model does not have Cellphone access, only local WIFI.
FZ-B2 Mk2 Android 4G
FZ-M1 MK2 Value
FZ-M1 Mk2 Value + 4G
FZ-M1 Mk2 Wifi
FZ-M1 MK2 4G

Semi & Business Rugged

These are the most common full laptop models in use in NZ CF-54 MK2
CF-54 MK2 Touch
Fully Rugged Notebooks
CF-20 MK1 2-1 Laptop These are really tough.
CF-31 MK5 Wifi
CF-D1 MK3 Wifi

Rugged Accessories

FZ-G1 Infocase
FZ-G1 Office Dock
FZ-G1 Handstrap
FZ-G1 Vehicle Mount
FZ-G1 Vehicle Mount + Antenna
IKEY FZ-G1 Keyboard
LIND Vehicle Charger
FZ-M1 Office Dock Lite
FZ-M1 Office Dock
FZ-M1 Handstrap