Server Computer and IT Service & Sales

Qualified IT provide onsite and remote servicing for Server Computers in the Taupo, Rotorua and Central Plateau region. Server Problems fixed and Investigated. Encryption Attack Repairs in Taupo

Internationally Experienced Electronics and IT Technicians available for independent or directed IT support in complex or simple environements.
Intel and HP Server Faults solved.
Hardware installed, troubleshooting, network issues, Server cabinets installed. Hardware Anti Intrusion Appliance Sales 

Today the most important IT Server issue for you, the business owner, is to defend against Encryption Attacks. This falls under disaster Recovery but is more nuanced: Server Encryption Attacks try to over-write all your existing backups.

At Qualified IT we carefully Audit your Server Disaster Recovery setup, if you have one. Then we put in place a mechanism to outwit the Encryption Attackers.

Currently it is impossible to eliminate 100% of Server Encryption Attacks: the next best option is to minimise the effects, by ensuring current Backups are safe and available, whilst protecting your network from Virus, Trojan and Phishing attacks.
There is a whole suite of Security Procedures required to defeat Encryption and Hacking Attacks. We can implement these Procedures to give you a good defense against cyber criminals.

Some of the issues we will look for in your system would be:

Dual Power supplies
Online Power supply Backup System, properly configured and regluary tested
Clean Physical Server Environment
Secure local Wiring in Server Cabinet
Regular Cold-boot Restores of entire server and client setup
Regular Audits of anti virus Server application and its correct operation
Regular Sweeps of open ports and server and related Routers and Gateway Devices.
Password-less Server Accounts.

Server software:

We have experience and training in Windows Server software and several flavours of Linux, namely Rehat and SUSE.
Windows Software supported includes: Server 2003 Standard and Small Business. Windows Server 2012 Standard. Windows 2000 Server.
Domain Controller and Virtualised Environments. DHCP control and DNS Setup and troubleshooting.
SSL and Certificates, IIS and Exchange Management. Exchange Backups and Restore. Server Migration.
Server Hosting and VPN connections.
Remote access server through RDP and Remote Desktop.