Rugged Laptops

There aren't too many really Rugged Laptops on the market. Probably at the moment there's only Panasonic Toughbook and Twinhead Durabook that are real ongoing products.

It's not possible to get either of these brands cheaply, as they aren't cheap to make. Rugged Tablet Computers taupo Call us with your needs for Rugged Computing and we'll talk through a solution.

The issue with these Rugged Devices isn't necessarily that they are tough, but that they have an ongoing support network that provides parts. Rugged Computers do break down, perhaps more so than normal ones, because they are made in lower numbers, so aren't as well tested.
They also get treated pretty badly, even considering that they are tough.
For this reason Qualified IT suggests Panasonic's Toughbook and Twinhead's Durabook as the only two real options for business in 2017.

Another question is your supplier: If you go local, like us for instance, you will pay a little bit more for a product. However, is that product going to be the same product?
It is common for the customer to discover that what arrives isn't exactly what was ordered and if it came from somebody on, then you've got no show of any come-back.

These Rugged Laptops are often built to order immediately before dispatch. It's easy for the maker to mistake the CPU type and slip in a lower spec one, or reduce the RAM to less than you asked for. Often the customer doesn't even know that it's happened.
There again, as with any commodity type item, fakes abound and people will sell anything to make a buck. Huge numbers of "refurbished" Toughbooks are out there. What does refurnished mean? We have looked into a lot of these "Refurbished" devices and it's not pretty.
Often there are internal screws loose that short out the components inside, leading to total failure. When you are only paying $300 it doesn't make so much difference, but a "refurbshed" Toughbook is well over $2000. Enter Qualified IT, who makes certain that you get what you have paid for.