Networked Computer and IT Service & Sales

Modems, Switches, Wireless Routers and Modems.

Networking Gear supplied and installed. Patch Panels Installed and Supplied

Routing and networks taupo Off-site or On-Site Computer Backups arranged, setup and monitored.

Outdoor wireless Networked Computers for Geothermal Engineers, Geologists, Planners, Architects and Scientists.

Routing and VPN setups configured, fixed and planned. Cisco, Mikrotik, TPLink and Huawei routers included.

Network Printer Problems investigated and sorted. Fast Computers taupo Technicians trained to Level 7 Networking Administration. Client-Server application problems solved.

Site to Site VPNs setup and maintained. Complex WAN needs addressed, Cloud application support provided, routing issues solved. Commercial and Industrial Networks supported.

Farm and Rural WiFi supported and Installed. Cowshed to House WiFi and ADSL solutions provided.
*You can put in ADSL between your Farmhouse and your cowshed (and run it for free). It just needs a twisted pair to go between them both. Qualified IT can sell you a DSLAM and an ASDL Router and set them up for you.
Then you can get high speed internet at the shed and the house...

Or.. you can put in long-range WiFi and acheive the same thing with transmitters on the roof, although they have the tendency to get struck by lightening in the Taupo Region.