Computer and IT System Audits

Qualified IT provide System Audits that bring certainty to firms and organisations that have medium to large IT Systems. An audit serves to identify all the peices of an IT System, on a single document, or set of documents, and often reveals considerable savings that can be made along with optimisations.

Qualified IT have the training and knowledge to break down the technical terms and jargon into digestible words and pictures, so that the stakeholders, boards and CEO's can make meaningful decisions about their business. system audits Taupo
With respect to new projects, be they IP Phone Systems, PBX setups, Database Upgrades or new Fibre Networks, Qualified IT are well-positioned to offer powerful, unbiased insights into what these projects involve and likely associated financial or downtime costs.

These issues are often skimmed over or concealed by third-party salespeople, who understandably want to close a deal.

Confused by the IT Jargon?
Click the image above, of the man confused by the technical drawing, to see a simplified Qualified IT presentation that most decision-makers can interact with easily.

Qualified IT are, through their training and experience, able to ask the critically important questions and insist on answers in writing, protecting the business from hidden drawbacks to successful implementation.

Qualified IT have longstanding relationships with IT software and hardware suppliers and manufacturers, but work on behalf our clients, rather than ourselves, in the question of Auditing Systems.

Organisations most likely to benfit from Qualified IT's services include schools, law firms, health providers and even, bizarrely, IT service companies (you wouldn't believe it, but it's true) Schools have particular problems when it comes to IT, because of the often short-term senior staff appointments, which clash with IT projects that can have longer gestation times.

An Audit can be helpful for a new principal, enabling her to get her head around the computer side of things immediately she starts.