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The right Laptop or Tablet for your purpose.
No extra Junk-Ware installed to annoy you.
No random software asking for License Numbers every ten seconds.
Anti-Virus setup properly and plenty of RAM to keep things running.

Mobile Networking Gear supplied and installed.

It may seem like all you do is go down to the store and buy any old Laptop and away you go, but it's not. A lot of the laptops in the stores are really old models that don't have enough power to do much work today.
They are models with names like Celeron and Pentium and Atom which are many years out of date.
The problem is that most people can't tell this and blame themselves when their computer is slow: when they should get proper advice on it. Enter Qualified IT! We can advise and supply the right laptop for you, be it an ASUS, a Toshiba, an HP, a Gigabyte, IBM, Lenovo, Samusung or DELL of your choice.

What's more we won't bully you or treat you like an idiot either: everyone has their own speciality and we appreciate that yours might not be computers: that's what we are here for.

In terms of Brands we have found that Toshiba currently make laptops that are of good quality and are pretty tough too: always an asset if you have kids. Toshibas usually are easy to service too, which cuts down on your costs should anything go wrong.

Hewlett Packard have always produced high quality laptops too, but they can be hard to service: the proceedure for taking them apart can be lengthy. At the moment HP are probably New Zealand's top supplier.

Then there is Gigabyte, maker of very exciting laptops. Gigabyte, unlike many other makers, manufacture a lot of the components themselves, which gives you a better all-round laptop, because it is mostly designed by one firm. (Sometimes laptops have trouble because the bits don't work together properly) Gigabyte make lots of other components, like Video Cards and Motherboards too, which are very sought after.

Apple make laptops, which are really famous. The problem for most people is that they only have one mouse button and the screen has different icons and everything is different.
This is because Apple computers don't run Windows: They run IOS instead, which is also called Linux. Linux is what most Smartphones use too. We can supply and recommend the right Apple laptop for you too, if Apple is what you want. Apple laptops are probably worse than normal ones, in terms of knowing what to ask for. This is because people who like Apple tend to be super-nerd types who think everyone else is like them. They use a lot of jargon and expect you to understand it all immediately.

Again, we don't behave like that: you don't have to be an expert to buy a computer from us. We'll ask you some questions about what the computer is for, like "Will you be creating a Synthetic Genome with it?" and "Is it just for checking the email?" and so on.

Other laptop brands are DELL, which has had a lot of trouble with cheap parts that fail, over the years. They do make fabulously beautiful laptops, it must be said, especially that model that looks just like Senator Amidala's space ship in Star Wars the Phantom Memace: so cool.

There's Samsung too: They make excellent quality stuff. I've never seen any rubbish from Samsung. They make a lot of Hard Disks and Solid State Disks too, which are top quality. Samsung don't seem to make many models, but what they do make is extremely good.

There are Google Chrome Books too: they are generally so underpowered that we couldn't recommend them at the moment. Perhaps next year.
ASUS do make a good ChromeBook though.

ASUS make some of the best laptops around, in fact. ASUS are the parent company of Gigabyte: Gigabyte were eating ASUS's lunch for a while , so ASUS went and bought them out. They haven't spoiled Gigabyte though and ASUS have improved as a result. 2015-2107 Apple laptops are ASUS laptops with a diffent sticker on them, so they are really good.
An ASUS laptop is a work of art, but they are pricey.

That takes us on to Lenovo: Lenovo are the old IBM Laptops. IBM decided to get out of making hardware because there was no money in it, selling their Laptop and Server designs to a Chinese company called Lenovo.
So if you want a great Chinese Laptop, Lenovo is the brand for you.

Then there are Panasonic and Twinhead laptops, which fall into the Rugged or Tough category. They are powerful and can take a fair bit of stick but they cost more for the same amount of power. See our tough Laptop page for those.