Laptop Service & Sales

Monitors, Keyboards and Networking Gear supplied and installed. Laptop Repairs Taupo

Qualified IT can provide on site support for your faulty, broken or unwell Laptop. Unlike other local firms we don't use cracked software on your computer. You can have the certainty that your Laptop will be serviced in a professional manner using only properly licensed and acquired software.

Laptop Ram Rotorua taupo Panasonic Toughbook, HP and Lenovo, Twinhead Durabook and Toshiba Computers serviced.

Laptops serviced and repaired.. disks, screens, RAM upgraded, Keyboards replaced.

Care of your Laptop:

Here are a couple of hints about looking after your precious laptop, to try and get a few more years out of it.

Firstly, don't run it on the carpet or on a blanket.
Why? It will suck up lint and dust and then the air vents get blocked. Blocked air vents spell overheating, which is the enemy of Laptops.

Next, don't spill your drink on it...
"..what say I do?" Well, if you do spill a lot of drink on it,
and the drink goes inside it, you could remove the battery and then pour some clean water over it to flush away the sugary drink. The sugar is the enemy here.
Then ring us to dry it out before the battery goes back in.

Don't sit with the Laptop on a cloth on your knees.
Why? The cloth will block the air vents and it will cook. It only takes a few minutes to kill the video output card and get horizontal bars across the screen.

If you hear screws loose and rattling round inside the Laptop, call us to get them out. If you leave them, they will short out the electrical bits and kill the Laptop.

Hints On Buying a Laptop

Get us to recommend one or supply one. Some key points to look for though:
Don't get one that has a "CELERON" sticker on it. These are really obselete now and should not be on the market. Also if the sticker says "Pentium": the same as for CELERON.
Get one that is "Quad-Core". The trouble here is that the sales staff on the High Street will tell you that a Laptop is what you are asking for, when it isn't. I gave a client a sheet with a specific CPU on it and the big store sold the client a Laptop that was quite inferior, with a different CPU entirely.
So the problem is that sales staff can be dishonest and if you don't know what you want, you can't tell.