Computer and IT Hardware Service & Sales

Trained and Experienced Propfessionals to look after your hardware as if it were their own. Computer Repairs in Taupo

RAID Disks, Monitors, Switches, Keyboards and Networking Gear supplied and installed. Panasonic Toughbook, Twinhead Durabook and Toshiba, HP and Lenovo Computers sold and serviced.

Qualified IT provide onsite Hardware Support of professional quality. Our Techs have mulitple degrees in Electronics and Computing along with decades of commercial experience. Familiar with complex Server environments, Qualified IT can address your IT Hardware issues from a position of knowledge, be they Linux or Windows related.

RAID Disk hardware Sales Taupo IBM Servers, HP Servers, PC's or Laptops: Qualified IT can look into the issues. Genuine IBM, HP, Panasonic or Toshiba parts available for servicing your gear.

What about Virtualisation?* Qualified IT can virtualise a computer for you in no time, or service your existing Virtual Server, PC or Lptop.
*What is virtualisation? A common use of it follows: You have a PC that runs some old software that you have to use every now and then to run a report. (The report won't run on anything else, but it's not worth paying someone to rewrite it because the original Database is so old nobody can remember how.) Enter Virtualisation: You get Qualified IT to run a little program on the old PC, which takes about an hour max. Then Qualified IT Take the resulting Virtual file and put it on a new PC and install another little program to play the Virtual-old-PC.
Bingo, you click an icon on the new PC and the old PC appears in a Window, ready to use and run that report again.

Graphics Card Installs and Sales Taupo What about Graphics Cards? You have just bought an absolute grunter but you're not totally sure how to install it: it cost a fortune and you don't want to wreck it the way Bob trashed his last week. Ring Qualified IT. They can fit it for you in a professional manner. Don't forget, if it doesn't go, but you got a Pro to fit it, you'll have a better chance of getting warranty on it.


Graham fixed my husband's Gaming Rig in about an hour! It had never worked properly and Ross was going to throw it out the window. I told him to try Graham on the recomendation of a friend. The Rig was about 3 years old but had been nothing but trouble:
The Kiwi supplier had replaced many of the bits and even upgraded it to Water Cooling, but it always locked up when Ross used it for Gaming.

RAM Installs and Sales Taupo Amazingly Graham (who I consider an absolute genius) was able to determine that the particular Motherboard Model had a bug: it randonly blue-screened when all the RAM slots were full. Simply removing one of the 8GB Ram sticks cured the problem. Happy Hubby!