Desktop Repairs to Computers and IT Service & Sales

Desktop and Workstation Service and Repair is something we really enjoy here at Qualified IT.
Dead desktops, Blue Screen of Death, running slow, restarting or not booting are all in a day's work for us.

Noisy Fans, Overheating, Low on Virtual Memory, Error Codes and Messages all investigated quickly and thoroughly.

Ransomware Attacks and Virus Infections sorted in a professional manner here at Qualified IT. Data recovered from Disks and Computers as quickly as possible.

Want to upgrade your RAM? No problem. Need to increase your Hard disk Space? Bring it on.
What about speeding up your Desktop computer with a new SSD? Sorted. Who does the work mostly?
Originally an Electronics Tech with Tisco, then an Audio Tech Professional at Dolby labs in London, Graham Computer Servicing in Taupo has been dealing with PC's as a pro for about 15 years.

Initially Graham got Desktop Computer experience at Waiariki Polytech, on their Bachelor of Computing Systems program: then he got picked up by The Education Centre in Rotorua.
That was pretty good experience, working with 46 Rotorua Region schools, in a Routed WAN pure Linux Server Environment.

The thousand or do Desktops were all Windows, joined to Windows Domains running off of local SAMBA Servers, Red Hat Linux with mapped Network Drives available to administrtive groups. Those were the days.
After Rotorua Education Centre effectively wound themselves up, a couple of years later, Graham moved to become the Manager at Taupo Computer Services, which he ran for about 8 years, becoming the Go-To person in Taupo to fix your iPhone, in the process.

Since leaving Taupo Computer Services Graham has started up Qualified IT, at the instigation of his clients around Taupo and Putaruru. Fast Computers taupo

So what about your Desktop Computer?

Here are some hints about caring for it:

Vacuum around it frequently. Dust gets in otherwise and clogs the cooling fans up.
They are terrible when they get hot--very slow.Power Supply for Computers taupo

Don't click on every link that gets emailed to you. Many of them are likely to be trojan horses or viruses, which are bad.

Attachments to emails: Treat them like they have a disease: they might be viruses.
Even from your friends: Ring them and ask if they have sent you an attachment.

It's mortal. Your Desktop will die eventually, likely without warning.
So make separate backups of stuff you want to keep. We can help with that.

Should you leave it off? No. Turn your PC on in the morning and leave it on most of the time. How else is it going to get those updates, do its housework, scan itself for viruses and receive all your emails in time?
(imagine if I woke you up, got you out of bed and demanded that you make me a cuppa before you had had time to get properly awake? Computers are quite like people)

Help from friends? That's a tough one. Does your friend have any training in computers? If they take it to pieces, who is going to sort it out?

Can somebody hack into my PC without my knowing? Yes. Stopping them is called "Security" and it starts with changing your email password sometimes and not using the same password over and over. Passwords like 1234 are no use.

These tips will make your Computer Exprience easier and more productive, if you follow them.