Business Network, Computer and IT Service & Sales

All types of IT Support provided, from Whole Site Contracted Support to individual computers, iPhones, laptops, routers or printers.
Business IT Audits, Documentation, Consultancy and Continuous Improvement. IT Network 
Audits in Rotorua and the Central Plateau

An important part of any business is the IT Plant or Capital Equipment, be it Software Licenses, Hardware or the value of a Domain Name. Qualified IT can help you, the business owner, maximise that asset to your advantage.

We can painlessly Audit your System, Document it and Report to you on its current value, future risks and advantages and any liabilities apparent. Our thorough training and years of industry experience can make a material difference to the return you get from your IT spend.
system audits Taupo Qualified IT specialises in breaking down the opaque world of IT gobbledegook into plain English, with simple explanations and diagrams and pictures. Armed with a real understanding of the worth of your IT Asset - Setup you will be in a position to get the most out of it and budget accordingly.

Numerous business professionals have found our audits and recommendations to be refreshingly clear, enabling them to make informed investment choices.
We also entertain ourselves by building

High-End PC's

and Servers, built to order by NZQA qualified staff with over 30 years hardware experience.
Let us Supply and Build your next PC: Gamers we have built for report huge increases in their performance. Home-owners enjoy quiet PC's that don't crash all the time and businesses report that even after 5 years their speed is still as high as it was initially. Gaming and High end Computers rotorua taupo